Osteoarthritis — types of the disease, symptoms and treatment methods

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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis, unlike arthritis is not an inflammatory disease, and chronic degenerative of the form. Affects mainly older people, and occurs due to wear and tear of the cartilage in the joints.

The most frequently affected joint of the structure, the more prone to the load and the weight, including the knees, hips, shoulders, hands, feet, and spine. The degenerative process of osteoarthritis causes thinning of the articular cartilage and deformation of bone, which are causing the pain and specific symptoms of osteoarthritis, particularly evident, for example, in the phalanges, distal hand.

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis has symptoms that are common to all types of arthritis, such as:

  • The pain in the joints.
  • Stiffness in the joint.
  • The reduction of flexibility in the affected joint.
  • The rubbing of the bones.
  • Swelling around the affected joint.
  • Bony spurs.

What is the difference between arthritis and osteoarthritis?

The main difference between arthritis and arthrosis lies in the fact that arthritis is a term that encompasses all types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis. Another difference lies in the fact that osteoarthritis can affect any joint in your body, and occurs most often due to wear and tear of the joints. In some cases, arthritis is used to refer to rheumatoid arthritis, while osteoarthritis is used to refer to osteoarthritis.

Types of osteoarthritis

The knee

The knee – is it osteoarthritis of the knee joint, symptoms, and treatments, which are closely related. Degenerate-degenerative pathology develops as a result of systematic of the load on the cartilage tissue. Most often, the disease is diagnosed in women and the elderly, but there are cases of the disease in patients older than 30 years.

The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and its treatment

To a risk group, including the workers involved in the physical work heavy, people who because of their profession throughout the day constantly sitting or standing, and athletes. Osteoarthritis of the knee and its symptoms:

  • permanent painful sensations, growth when walking up the stairs, the load;
  • the crunching and pain, in the absence of adequate treatment, the intensity of the symptoms has increased gradually, in particular when the cold;
  • a swelling of the joint, which can report, and on the development of arthritis, but in this case, it occurs only during exacerbations, accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

The inflammatory process, which flows at joint – knee osteoarthritis, the symptoms that require treatment in a timely manner to an orthopedist or a ben the ado. The terminal phase may require a surgical intervention, the medical treatment is not effective. The signs about the instability when walking, difficulty in extension of the knee, the violation of the gait, the deformation of the joint.

It is important! Completely cure the osteoarthritis is not possible. But approached the therapy in the early stages of disease development, perhaps curtail the destruction of the cartilage for a period of time.

Integrated of the method of treatment of gonarthrosis includes:

  • it to facilitate the load balancing of the media have of the departments of the knee joint;
  • The NTC, which block the inflammatory processes reduce the intensity of the pain;
  • the weight reduction slows the development of the knee;
  • LFK without axial load on the problem, you can restaurateur tone muscles, prevent malnutrition, return the mobility of the joints;
  • the muscle relaxants in the dosage – reduce the intensity of spasms joint tissues, which reduces the pathogen chikungunya;
  • physiotherapy;
  • intra injection of hyaluronic acid;
  • the consumption of chondroprotectors;
  • the drugs that stimulate the blood circulation to the bone;
  • arthroscopy (for medical reasons);
  • stent – replacement of the joint in the lack of effectiveness of conservative treatment.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, the symptoms and treatment of folk remedies requires a particular approach on the part of the patient and the ben the ado. There are many recipes for compresses, as well as of ointments of bile, the herbs. In the treatment use headbands made of wool of sheep. This process aims to reduce the intensity of pain, the elimination of the symptomatology.

Osteoarthritis of the hip

The manifestation of the disease varies according to its type. But there is a basic characteristic – pain in the buttocks, the groin and hip area. They strengthen the morning, the afternoon are less pronounced. The patient is difficult to get up, he tries to look.

Hip osteoarthritis and its symptoms by type of pathology:

Purulent osteoarthritis

Acute form on the bottom at high temperature, which is expressed in the symptomatology:

  • the joint becomes red, swells also rising, the feeling is hot;
  • the stiffness of the movements because of pain acute;
  • the accumulation of pus, calling the abscess, and when the pierced fistula.

Diagnostic is taken at the puncture of the synovial fluid, in laboratory conditions, it checks for the presence of the pathogen, its response to antibiotics.

Specific Type of pathology

The disease occurs under the influence of the tb. The clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis are mild: the pain is at first physical, and in a state of calm. Visible symptoms of no, but over the injured area skin fold is thicker than on the other. In the child manifested lameness.

If the causative agent of the disease – gonorrhoea, and the beginning of an inflammatory process will be fast and strong.

Osteoarthritis of the hip symptoms such as the defeat:

  • tendons;
  • ligaments;
  • handbags.

Reactive type of disease

The disease develops rapidly, affects the joints, the mucous membranes, the nails, the skin, the lymph nodes. Can be disrupted the rhythm of the heart.

Rheumatoid-type pathology

Simultaneously strikes two joints, they swell, stresses the stiffness of the movements, can become inflamed nearby organs.

The Disease Of Ankylosing Spondylitis

The discomfort of the symptoms reminiscent of the sciatic, pain give to inguinal and hip region. The analysis of the blood plasma diagnose acceleration of the speed of SEDIMENTATION.

Cox ephémère

The children complain of intense pain in the groin area, discomfort when driving, of claudication. The inflammatory process can pass to other organs. The signs of the disease in children are expressed more than in adults.

It is important! Hip osteoarthritis is a variety of symptoms, and the treatment depends on the form of the disease, its character. Before you begin processing, you must pass a comprehensive examination: MRI, x-ray of the affected area.

A comprehensive therapy of arthritis

One of the most common diseases among people aged age, osteoarthritis of the hip symptoms and treatments, focusing not only orthopaedic surgeons, but also patients themselves.

The purpose of adjuvant therapy:

  • cut the pain;
  • restorer the function of injury of the joint;
  • eliminate the pathology – the cause of the development of arthritis.

Hip osteoarthritis and its symptoms will help you to eliminate the treatment of folk remedies, but they only reduce the intensity of the pain, entirely the inflammatory process does not block.

A comprehensive therapy of arthritis includes:

  • the receipt of medicines: the CNT, the introduction of glucocorticoids to the inside of the issue of the joint acute pain syndrome;
  • techniques additional exposure: PHYSIOTHERAPY, massage, organic complex, the traditional herbal remedies;
  • the rapid response prosthesis (applies to advanced stages of the disease, in the absence of effect of conservative treatment).

The exercise is best to perform a sitting or lying position, this will reduce the load on the joint. Squats arthritis are contraindicated. Positive action of massage, water treatments.

The signs of inflammation of the shoulder joint and its treatment

The disease develops gradually, as the symptomatology. First, the clinical manifestations of arthritis are negligible, iup they become more pronounced. According to the negligence of the inflammatory process in of doctors, there are 3 stages of development of the disease.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint has any of the following symptoms are a function of the form of the disease:

The degree of an inflammatory process Characteristic signs
Phase 1 A throbbing pain in the region of the shoulder, aggravated during the night. The movements are free, but in the removal in the back of the hand, appears bad discomfort. The diagnosis of arthritis enables you to x-rays. The symptoms of osteoarthritis of 1 degree can be observed for 2-3 months or a few years.
Step 2 Signs of arthritis are more pronounced. The discomfort in the shoulder blade, the shoulder is reinforced, acquires a permanent character, when the blows of the hand varies from a bad bite.

The movements are restricted due to muscle spasm, pain, especially when the blows to the back hand. The patient can not behind the back to join hands in the castle. The muscles of the shoulder atrophy.

Step 3 The shoulder of the osteoarthritis and its symptoms:

  • systematic of the pain;
  • the deformation of the joint;
  • limited motion of hand samples and the elevation of the member is impossible;
  • cast by the protuberances of the bones at the junction of the scapula, the shoulder;
  • forced to the position of the hand (the patient holds in such a state, how it practice).

Attention! Arthritis of 3 degrees does not occur in all patients, mainly the inflammatory process slows down in the previous steps. The risk of developing the condition, it exists in people who have, and continue to load the injured joints (if you do not want to change their profession).

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint symptoms, and treatments, which must be followed by a ben the ado or an orthopedist gradually destroys the cartilage, the tissue and can cause disability. When the first signs of the disease, you must pass a medical exam and undergo the treatment.

The disease of the osteoarthritis and its symptoms are eliminated using the conventional techniques of treatment. A comprehensive therapy includes:

  • The NTC for the elimination of pain, swelling of the joint;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs of the cream of local action;
  • chondroprotectors for the recovery of the cartilage;
  • gradually developing injury of the joint.

For the determination of the effectiveness of the drug therapy a doctor prescribe physiotherapy PHYSIOTHERAPY, of physiotherapy. As a result, the treatment of osteoarthritis and the symptoms of inflammation gradually disappear, the disease stops.

The signs and treatment of arthritis of the ankle

Osteoarthritis of the foot is accompanied by the thinning, the destruction of muscle tissue, as well as the change and the deformation of the cartilage structure. The diagnosis of the disease in the initial stages – the pledge of an effective therapy.

Osteoarthritis of the ankle is one of the following symptoms:

  • the persistent pain in the area of the foot;
  • the bad discomfort in ankle with jerky movements;
  • osteoarthritis of the foot and its symptoms – the crunching, the pain syndrome when the loads;
  • the fatigue of the feet;
  • permanent stretching, back, sprains.

Upon detection of such symptoms is necessary to refer you to a ben the ado, in order not to complicate the treatment of arthritis. To avoid irreversible consequences help the diagnosis of the pathology.

Osteoarthritis in the foot, its symptoms and treatment related, and suggest a holistic approach.

Appropriate therapy includes exposure techniques:

  • jockstrap, during the march of the cane, for the unloading of the ankle;
  • the exclusion of excessive loads, the weight control;
  • the refusal of alcohol, cigarettes;
  • physiotherapy: the treatment of the magnet, laser, SMT, UHF;
  • the receipt of medicines:
  • NSAIDS (by injection, inside, outside);
  • glucocorticoids in collaboration with anaesthetics, peri-articular, intra-articular to block the inflammatory process;
  • medications;
  • muscle relaxants to eliminate the muscle spasms; chondroprotectors, intra-articular or intramuscular;
  • drugs with hyaluronic acid for the recovery of the quality synovial of the substance;
  • orthopedic shoes, soles;
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments, muscles (10 series):
  • sitting or lying bend, straighten fingers;
  • drop the foot to the inside, to the outside;
  • sitting or lying down take the ankle on top of him, and then himself;
  • the circular movement of the stops in the clockwise direction, then against it;
  • sitting on top of a hill, put foot on the soil of the heels, socks together, re-arranging, alternately with the legs in the back, in front;
  • water aerobics, swimming.

Osteoarthritis of the ankle 3 degrees, symptoms, and treatments, which require special attention, can lead to disability. In order to avoid a hip replacement or the removal of a cartilage problem, as well as the capsule closed using a rod or apparatus Elizarova.

With physical activity, sedentary mode of life of many people develops because of osteoarthritis of the spine symptoms, which are manifested by the following signs: pain flexion to the horizontal, their intensity decreases, the discomfort is localized on a plot of back, stiffness in the morning, an unpleasant sensation during use at the office.

Inflammation of the small joints of the hands and fingers of feet

Systematic of the load on the hands and a genetic predisposition is the first signal that a person may develop arthritis.

Osteoarthritis of the hands has symptoms such as:

  • a painful sensation in the area of activity;
  • during bending, the extension of the fingers, appears unpleasant discomfort;
  • a swelling, a strong bite;
  • the redness of the tissues surrounding the problem joint;
  • osteoarthritis of the hands and its symptoms of a hypertrophy of the joints, to form nodules Bouchard, Heberdena;
  • the fingers lose their sensitivity.

It is important! The use of the tools of conventional medicine to resolve the arthritis does not bring the desired result, a result of the disease progresses. Osteoarthritis of the fingers of the hand symptoms, and treatment – a problem that concerned not only the elderly, but also patients after 30 years, requires a complex treatment.

Durable, complete remission is obtained by using the method:

  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic and preventive physical form;
  • acupuncture, massage;
  • osteoarthritis of the fingers of the hand the symptoms of the disease helps to neutralize the consumption of medicinal products;
  • the recipes of traditional medicine;
  • the quick intervention.

An excellent therapeutic and preventive effect give a cream, an ointment for local action. Their use allows to reduce the intensity of the pain, restores blood circulation, the mobility of the joints.

Osteoarthritis of the fingers of the feet and symptoms of the disease, can be eliminated only in the early stages of its development. The destruction on the later phases of the pathology is irreversible, acquire a chronic character. In this case, is named the dispersions of conservation treatment, which aims to prevent the continuation of the development of a pathological process.

One of the most insidious diseases of the joints, osteoarthritis hands-symptoms and treatment of this pathology should be monitored constantly by a ben the ado or an orthopedist. The combined therapy is appointed on account of the general condition of the patient, the nature of the disease. For appointment will have to pass an exam, do a ct scan.

Arthritis of the elbow joint: symptoms and treatment

The inflammatory process cause thinning of the cartilage, contribute to the reduction of the mobility problem of the area. Ulnar osteoarthritis symptoms, which are similar with the arthritis manifests in the form of explicit pain in extension, flexion, rotation, movement of the hand. The discomfort appears after the load, it is sometimes regardless of the presence of factor irritating.

Other early manifestations of osteoarthritis:

  • when the hands you will hear a crackling sound;
  • the loss of sensitivity of the hands, numbness;
  • muscle weakness occurs when you push or pick up bulky items;
  • tingling, burning sensation in the fingers of the members – displayed when the defeat of the ulnar nerve;
  • failure of the movements.

Osteoarthritis of the joint of the elbow, its symptoms and the treatment of the disease, who were concerned by practitioners and patients for many years, requires a complex treatment.

According to the neglect of pathology, distinguishes 3 degrees of arthritis:

Stage of the inflammatory process Characteristic, symptoms and signs
1 degree Characterized by the pain that occur when the loads, the line of muscle tissue. External symptoms of arthritis, at this stage, is absent. The patients are often similar symptoms for a simple injury.

If osteoarthritis of the elbow joint of the symptoms identified in the first phase of the development of the disease, they can be successfully and quickly get rid.

2 the degree of The muscles located near the damaged joint is gradually atrophy, the cartilage tissue collapses, exhausted. With loads noted a strong pain syndrome.
If the osteoarthritis of his symptoms progressing, and the treatment is not effective, it may become invalid.
3 the degree of Pain permanent, they can appear after a physical exertion or even at night. Cure the disease is virtually impossible, and even a quick response is not always conducive to healing.

If the patient can occur because of osteoarthritis in the joints, or its symptoms, and treatment of the disease does not yield results, it is urgent to proceed to an investigation to determine the cause of the destruction of the cartilage.

A comprehensive therapy of arthritis of the elbow include:

  • acupuncture – the impact on the points using needles, with the introduction of homeopathy;
  • massoterapia – up absinthe from cigarettes, effective treatment when the atony of the chronic inflammatory process;
  • osteopathy – eliminates symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis into account the osteopathic treatment, thanks to which we are driven by all the forces of the human body;
  • chiropractic, physiotherapy;
  • hirudotherapy – treatment method using leeches.

Most often osteoarthritis of the joints of his symptoms is not recognized in the early stages of the disease, prevention, accessories no to drugs, treatment can give an excellent result.

In severe cases, doctors prescribe:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • reparants – substitutes synovial of the substance;
  • a multivitamin complex;
  • of analgesic drugs.

The combination of techniques allows to eliminate the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the disease and the treatment at home if this will not require effort. Therapy will allow you to reduce the number of drugs prescribed for the treatment of the inflammatory process that flows through the cartilage tissue.

Traditional medicine and osteoarthritis

The therapy is popular among many patients, but it must be supplemented by the drugs, by other methods. If a person is interested, what is shoulder osteoarthritis symptoms and treatment of the pathology, there is an urgent need to pass the exam. According to the results of the diagnosis, the ben the ado provider will prescribe the appropriate treatment, which may be supplemented by recipes based on plants.

Eliminate osteoarthritis of the joints of the symptoms to help the medicines and the treatment of folk remedies:

  • Ointment propolis: the main ingredient – 50 gr. to freeze, cut them, place them in a glass container, pour vegetable oil (50 ml). The mixture is cooked place it in a bath of water, simmer until the formation of homogenous consistency. Injured joints treat for 3 months.
  • Warming lotion-honey and radishes. From the root to squeeze the juice, mix honey 150 ml of salt – items of a spoon and a shot of vodka 100 ml of the Prepared liquid rub in the problems, and then wrapped up in a shawl in wool.
  • The broth of the beans. Ingredient grind (20 grams), pour the liquid (1000 ml), place on the fire, and then give him 30 minutes under the lid, allow to cool, filter. Drink 150 ml 4 times/bitches before meals.
  • The macérat of birch buds. Helps eliminate the arthritis of the feet symptoms and complete drugs. The main component – 5 grams of displeasing to the boiling water (200 ml), and then simmer for 15 minutes, for 1.5 hours, filter, drink 1 time/day for an hour before a meal 1/2 cup.
  • The decoction of the stigmata. The tool shows arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. The ingredient – 2 tablespoons, pour boiling water (one glass), teach 1/4 of an hour, to filter. Take the prepared structure to 4 times/day 15 ml of a half-hour before meals. The duration of treatment is 21 days.

The prevention of the destruction of the cartilage is the removal of the intense exercise, injuries. In this situation plays a role of control of the mass of the body. Overweight – systematic pressure on the cartilage.

To prevent osteoarthritis useful different exercises: skiing, walking. Adequate therapy of pathologies of the endocrine glands, of nutrition and reduces the risk of joint destruction.

The diagnosis, the help of a physician, who will prescribe you the correct drug therapy, chondroprotectors, reparative cartilage tissue – ensuring that the joints retain their mobility, youth, flexibility, and ease. And the treatment of arthritis recipes of traditional medicine – available, the perfect assistant in the treatment of inflammation.